UFC Fighter Cole Miller: My Feelings On Lance Armstrong Steroids And Cheating

UFC Fighter Cole Miller: My Feelings On Lance Armstrong Steroids And Cheating

Hello all.  Hope everyone is good.  Recently I’ve had a few people ask me what i thought about Lance Armstrong, and his coming clean, along with the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Well its no secret how I feel about PED’s.


It’s illegal and unethical.

There have already been several interviews with me stating my disgust with them and the lack of respect as a martial artist and athlete I have for those that use them.  I can honestly say I was not surprised in the least, of the outcome of the test results.

Being in a sport that is over saturated with people that use PED’S, I know what the human body is capable of. Also through my being involved with triathlon, even as a hobbyist, I’ve been exposed to just how tough and competitive the world of cycling truely is.  I also know that at the highest level of this sport much like in MMA, many if not MOST are using or have used at some point in their careers.

Being a 7x Tour de France champion and being clean is about as unlikely as a Major League Baseball player hitting 200 home runs in a single season All Natural.
I do appreciate him coming forward and manning up and admitting that he was using, along with many other details he did not have to give up about his personal life.

As for the interview with Oprah, several people i know were saying how especially in the Part 1 interview that he was not very candid, and was back pedaling from the questions.  I’m going to clue in the general public that apparently must’ve all been home schooled as children….”Snitches get stitches.”

One should notice that in every single question Oprah asked him where he came off as unrevealing, involved admitting facts of the names of specific people and situations.  He was not going to throw the people associated him to the wolves because he was taking the full blame on himself.
As for the punishment, do i think that it is justified?  I most certainly do.

What I have a problem with is other people getting lesser sentences, not that he got one that was so severe.

I’m in a sport that does the same thing with its athletes, so let me shed some light and perspective on this topic. If a fighter tests positive for a PED and receives a 6 month suspension, that is NOTHING. A fighter, especially a high profile fighter, will only fight 2 times in a year. Hell, Ive been with the UFC for 6 years, and although I have a special circumstance to having MANY injuries, it’s only permitted me to fighting twice a year.

So basically its saying that a fighter will only get a 1 fight suspension. At the most a year long suspension will only mean a 2 fight suspension. You see where I’m going with this?

So if a cyclist gets a 6 month suspension, It means he can’t race and likely loses sponsors.  Then, they are able to join a new team and get new sponsors.

What I would aim to do is that EVERY SINGLE person that tests positive for a PED get a 5 year, 10 year, or LIFETIME ban from their sport.

The current suspensions are made purposefully to make the public care less about the use of these PED’S.  Id be interested to see how many athletes an average sports fan could list of being convicted of the use of PED’S.  I guarrantee it would be an insanely small one. We only remember the highest profile cases, of MLB stars sitting before US Congress which is ridiculous in its own right.  Hell in boxing and MMA its ok to be injected with Testosterone if you have a doctor’s prescription…DISGUSTING.

This world is not fair.  What makes athletes of a high caliber worth the big bucks they are being paid, is because they have something in them that “normal” people do not.

It may be explosive strength, speed, uncanny hand/eye coordination, passion, heart, courage under fire, determination,Endurance through the roof, unbelievable balance, or the special kind of person that has all of these things.

When we allow 6 month and year long suspensions of people abusing PED’S , we are saying that it is ok for one to use them. “It is okay, because you weren’t born with enough to make you great, you can now inject that into your body to make it fair.” 

I know MANY people in my sport, and fans of sport in general that do not care if athletes “juice” or not.  Maybe I’m the one that is wrong here, maybe life isn’t fair, but it should be.

Maybe kids should be allowed to use “cheat sheets” at the National Spelling Bee.

Maybe because I clearly can’t play in the NBA I should be able to opt to have my legs surgically replaced with a bionic pair.

Where do we draw the line?

I don’t have a cause or a “Steroid Awareness” fund for anyone to donate to, I just want people in general to start thinking about what it is you’re supporting when your favorite athletes are guilty of taking someone else’s job, of keeping money out of the pockets that deservingly belonged to someone else and his or her family, of keeping glory out of the reach of those that choose not to juice. Just think about it.

If you want to support drug free cycling specifically or just drug free sport in general check out this link.http://bikepure.org/what-is-bike-pure/get-the-wirstband/
I do not get a percentage of sales in fact i think the wrist band is free. Although these guys are a Triathlon Sponsor of mine, i fully believe in their cause in keeping the sport CLEAN. Check out their facebook page at Bike Pure

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  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.welch.7965 Matt Welch

    The worst part about all this is how Lance Armstrong viciously attacked people who came out against him and were telling the truth about him. He sued them and won millions and ruined their lives when he was the liar and cheater. I’m sure they will be suing him now. I hope he gets 10X what he dished out.