How To Pass Half Guard Marcelo Garcia

How To Pass Half Guard Marcelo Garcia

Here is a little secret to success: if you want to be as good as humanly possible at something… find out who is the best at that thing… and study them.  Find out what they are doing.  Find out what makes them tick.  And then do what they are doing.

This method, of course, has it’s limitations.

For example, if you are learning jiu-jitsu, you cannot just pick someone to learn from because they are “good”… or they “win.”  There are WAY too many factors involved.

Size, flexibility, strength and athleticism  all play a MAJOR part in “winning.”

If you weigh 145lbs you may not want to emulate the technique of someone who is 250lbs and relies on that size.

If you are not flexible – you will not be able to do some of the techniques that a super-flexible person does.

Same goes for the freaky athletic and strong person.

I have seen many people be successful IN SPITE of poor (or not optimal) technique simply because they were bigger, faster, stronger, more athletic, etc.

That’s why I always try to find someone who is using the best possible technique to win.  And by “best possible technique” I mean the technique that has the highest percentage of working for that given situation.

Sure, there are many ways to accomplish something.  And sometimes two techniques are equal and simply a matter of personal preference.  But many times they are not.

A great example is in the video below.

For years I passed the half guard from the exact postion in the video differently.  And it “worked.”

Then I saw Marcelo Garcia doing something different.

I tried to figure it out myself, but was missing a few details until I saw a video of him teaching it. I immediately changed and have been doing it this new way for over a year now. My personal experience shows that this change of technique is much more effective than what I used to do.

And here’s something I have personally found to be true of Marcelo Garcia’s technique:  He not only wins with it – there is nothing I have seen I physically cannot do.  And I am 44 years old weigh 165lbs and pretty physically beaten up from a lifetime of sports and doing dumb stuff :)

Nothing requires great speed, strength, weight, athletic ability, flexibility  etc.

It simply requires an open mind and practice.

How To Pass Half Guard Marcelo Garcia VIDEO

Jiu-jitsu is one of the most humbling things you can ever do.  As far as I’m concerned – you never “master” jiu-jitsu.  Jiu-jitsu is constantly evolving.  The basic fundamentals may be the same – but the techniques are developing and improving every day.

For most people it is more humbling to be a black belt “master” who must change his or her technique to something better – than it is for a white belt to leave their ego at the door and train correctly.

That’s why I don’t consider the people I train with my students.  I consider them my jui-jitsu peers.  And many times someone training a fraction of the time I have trained has opened my eyes to something better.

One more thing – it’s important:  Marcelo Garcia has an amazing training program online.  It has THOUSANDS of videos showing the best jiu-jitsu technique in the world.  It is only $25/month.  That is ridiculously cheap.  I am not associated with Marcelo and do not get any money from him.  I simply think it is a great product. If you would like to check it out go here:

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  • Cole Miller

    Phenomenal techniques!

    • Matt Welch

      Marcelo is the man!!!!