How to pass half guard drill Marcos “Parrumpa” Da Matta

Half guard is one of the most common positions in BJJ.  There are many sweeps and attacks available if the top peson does not react appropriately.  But if the top person knows what to do – half guard can quickly become a dominant position leading to a guard pass.

If this video, Marcos “Parrumpa” Da Matta shows a great drill for passing half guard.  He breaks down the 5 steps that should be drilled over and over until this pass becomes part of your muscle memory.

 How To Pass Half Guard Drill Marcos “Parrumpa” Da Matta VIDEO

Parrumpa is a 4th degree black belt under Carlson Gracie and head instructor of American Top Team West Palm Beach.  Here are some awards from Parrumpa’s impressive career:

  • Recieved black belt in 1997 from Carlson Gracie
  • Ginastica Natural Certified Instructor
  • 1996 BJJ World Champion
  • 2000 BJJ World Championship Runner-up
  • 2000 BJJ Brazilian National Champion
  • 7X NAGA Superfight Champion – wins over Baret Yoshida, Allan Teo, Jared Winner, John Stutzman, Mike Cardoso
  • FL ADCC SWO Superfight Champion – Broke ADCC score record 44X0 over 2003 ADCC Japan Qualifier winner
  • 2005 ADCC Competitor
  • MMA Record: 8-2
  • WFO Featherweight Champion
  • ISKA Bantamweight Champion

ATT West Palm West is located at:

1900 Okeechobee Boulevard
Suite C6
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

For more information or to train with Marco’s “Parrumpa” Da Matta give them a call at 561-855-2178 or go to BJJ West Palm Beach.  You can also see him on Facebook at: ATT West Palm Beach Facebook.

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  • Matt Welch

    This is a great drill. Simple and effective IF you do all the steps.