How To Beat X Guard With Berimbolo Guilherme Mendes VIDEO

In this short (1:15) video – Guilherme Mendes shows a simple way to counter the x-guard and take your opponents back with a berimbolo attack.  This technique is easy to learn and execute and is extremely effective.

Guilherme Mendes is only 24 years old and is already one of the best jiu-jitsu competitors in the world.  Here are some of his achievements…

  • 3x Black Belt World Champion (2009, 2011, 2012);
  • 2x European Champion (2010, 2011);
  • Pan American Silver Medallist (2012)
  • Pan American Bronze Medallist (2009);
  • Brazilian National Champion (2010)

How To Beat X Guard With Berimbolo Guilherme Mendes VIDEO

And Guilherme said this in Graciemag – it is one of the most important things you should know if you want to be good or great at jiu-jitsu

Posture before technique

“At seminars we’re always talking a lot about ‘posture,’ how you position yourself so that even if you’re light you make yourself heavy, and even when you’re heavy you manage to be quick. Posture comes first, before pass techniques, since if you have good posture, you can frustrate your opponent, keep your base firm and attack at the right moment; when you don’t have good posture, even if you know thousands of guard pass variations, your opponent will sweep you before you get to try the first of them.

Clearly – most students of jiu-jitsu spend WAY too much time on fancy moves when they should be focussed on the basics.

P.S.  How lucky are these little kids to get this kind of instruction at such a young age?  I’m jealous!!!

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  • Matt Welch

    Simple and effective. Love it.