UFC Fighter Cole Miller with 4th degree black belt Jiu-Jitsu master Marcos “Parrumpa” Dematta.

Cole Miller UFC Fighter – Here is my BJJ thought for the day 10-12-12.

New jiu jitsu doesnt always mean innovative, revolutionary, or better.  And “old” jiu jitsu does not necessarily mean outdated or ineffective.

I am a huge fan of sport jiu jitsu, I like to watch it, I like to train the style from time to time, and I occasionally compete (would do more if MMA and or injuries didnt get in the way as much).

But remember, BJJ is a martial art that should be practiced YES for competition and sport environment, but also for MMA competition, or SELF DEFENSE, where weaponry, wrecklessness, and no rules come into play. (survival with as little damage possible is #1)

If you are a blue belt that can do inverted reverse flying berimbolo to omaplata, that’s great. But you should also be able to block some standing strikes, clinch, do some judo/greco or have effective guard pulls and be able to defend strikes from the bottom. the main key for this is controlling posture.

Point being, to be a true practitioner of This fine martial art, is to be able to explore the entire spectrum of what it was made to do. #1 SURVIVE #2(could be #1 in some situations) KILL/MAME to ensure your survival.

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  • Matt

    I agree 100% Awesome words of wisdom Cole!

  • Billy

    Good article! On the street there are no rules and need a well rounded game to survive!