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Let me start by saying thanks to the dozens of Magrinho Maniacs and Team Miller fans worldwide for staying with me through the inconsistencies through the years. It does mean a lot to have the support of those that see what I’m trying to accomplish as a Martial Artist.
This was the first time I have fought in my home state of Georgia since 2006,the year prior to my signing with the UFC. I knew it would be special fighting at home but I never let any of it register until afterward. I wanted to save all the emotion and energy for Sam Sicilia. He is a phenomenal fighter and I respected the one punch KO power in both hands.  I faced the possibility I would suffer an embarrassing KO in front of everyone I know so that I was truly able to fight the kind of fight I did. Thanks go to Sam for training so hard and bringing the fight to me. Also thank you to Herb Dean for keeping us safe in there and Stitch for wrapping my hands. The fracture I received was due to my error not his phenomenal wrap job. Thank you Bruce Buffer for always doing a great job! Thanks to Dana White,Joe Silva,Fertitta brothers, and Sean Shelby for all the opportunities over the past 7 years and 16 fights in my UFC career.
Back to how special it was fighting in front of my home state. I want to thank a long list of people on the GA MMA scene.  Thank you to Cam McHargue,George Allen, Gary Brown,Master Jacare Calvacante, Rory and Adam Singer, Muhsin Corbbrey,Steve Headden,Brett Moses, Matt Waller, Andy Foster, Dr. John Keating and many more for building the Georgia fight scene and paving the way for my generation of MMA fighters from GA(me, Assuncao brothers, Micah Miller, Brian Bowles, Diego Saraiva, Lima brothers, etc). Coming up in that scene was the greatest days of my life, and being able to fight in front of those people, along with my friends,family,fans, GF, former high school teachers and coaches, was a great honor for me. I owe so much of who I am and what I’ve become to those people.

Last I want to thank my team American Top Team, it’s coaches and fighters who have molded me into a solid fighter and make me strive to be a better person. Thank you IHP specifically JC Santana and Seth Jordan for making me a less skinny  Magrinho. Thanks to El Sombrero, Fresh Meal Plan, and Score Navigator for sponsoring me for the fight. Thanks Forty Thieves for the fresh shorts which a limited edition set will be on sale there soon. Thanks to my cornermen and rest of Team Miller for the hard work for this camp and many others: Katel Kubis, Parrumpinha, Micah Miller, Blake Bowman, and Bubby Mitchell. UG 4 life.

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