Rafael Mendes is one of the best Jiu-Jitsu practitioners alive.  He is also an incredible instructor who breaks moves down and explains every detail.  And details are what makes jiu-jitsu work.

In this video, Rafael teaches an awesome spider guard pass.  He explains the correct posture, how to change the grips, how to pass the legs and then how to properly secure side control.

This instruction is world class…

Success in jiu-jitsu all starts with the correct posture.  If you do not have the correct posture – nothing else will work.

That’s why the most important lesson in the video is the posture Rafael teaches in the beginning.  He immediately changes the game from one where the bottom guy is attacking with possible sweeps and submissions – to one where the top guy is attacking to pass and the bottom guy is defending.

Another HUGE concept taught in this video is how Rafael does not continue to go around the legs to the head. This will allow the botom guy to spin and replace the guard.

Instead – he gets his legs under his opponents and backs up.  This twists his opponent and achieves the pass.  This concept can be used with great success for many different passes.  With or without the gi.

If you get 90% passed someone’s guard and end up chasing them in a circle – but never completing the pass – this “backing up” and driving the opponents legs to the other side concept will solve that problem in many situations.

It is more important to understand concepts than it is to memorize moves or techniques.  If you understand WHY something works – you can apply it in many different situations.  And you can apply it in brand new situations with success.

Good, technically sound basic principles work all the time when set up and done correctly.  Tricks only work when the universe and stars align every now and then.

A trick may look cool that one time it works – but bascis executed to perfection win consistently and on all levels.



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  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.welch.7965 Matt Welch

    Awesome details.